September 25, 2022

How to speak in English|10+ Best & Simple tips to learn English


In today’s time, English is needed in every field. If we don’t know English, then we will be left behind from another person. So, Now English has become our need. In today’s article, we are going to tell you how to speak in English or how to learn English in a simple way.  

 How to speak in English is not a big deal. You just need to know the right way of how to speak in English. If you don’t know the right way then you will never be able to learn or speak good English. You just need some right tips then you will be able to speak fluently in English.  

 Here, we are providing to you some effective tips to learn English in a better way.  


Best 10+ tips for speak English fluently

  1.  Build your Vocabulary 
  2. Read English Newspaper
  3. Maintain Self-Confidence
  4. Don’t be afraid  
  5.  Read Novels 
  6. Practice, Practice, and Practice
  7. Use Google translator
  8. Speak in English with friends
  9. Learn from YouTube videos   
  10. Listen properly 
  11. Think in English 
  12. Tongue twisters 

 Spoken English tips: 

Now we will discuss all the above tips in the detail: 

1. Build your Vocabulary:

You need to improve your vocabulary list daily. At least 5 to 7 new words learn on the daily basis. If you learn some new words on a daily basis so you will understand English in a simple way. It’s a vital step of the learn English. So, start improving your vocabulary. 

You can prepare a notebook in which you can note down the new words you learn daily.  This will be very helpful for you. In the free time you can read it at any place.  

 We can provide some words for you. See picture on the below. 👇 


2. Read English newspaper:

This tip will be proven very helpful for you to learn English. Reading newspapers will let you know new words which will increase our vocabulary list and it will also help us to understand grammar and tenses. Reading newspapers is the best habit for all people and students too.  

For learn English, you can read only 2 to 3 articles on the daily basis And find some new words from that article.   

3. Maintain Self–Confidence:

You should always have maintained self-confidence while speaking English and never hesitate to speak in English. Always maintain eye contact when you talk in English with a person.    

4. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake:

You should never be afraid to speak English because your motive is to deliver the message in an understanding way not speak good English with all English rules like grammar, tenses, vocabulary, and many more.  

Even native and very professional English speakers make mistakes! 

5. Read Novels:

For the speak good English, you have to read some pages from the novels on the daily basis. In the beginning, you have to read simple English language novels like Chetan bhagat’s novels and many more. To this habit, you will improve your English and definitely, you will speak English fluently.  

6. Practice, Practice, and practice:

We all heard that Practice makes a man perfect. So, this principle is applicable to all fields. This principle is also applicable for learning English. If you want to become a good English speaker then you have to practice daily.  

7. Learn from YouTube Videos: 

We have another good option to learn English in a very simple and easy way. You can also learn English from YouTube videos. This is a very good and useful way to learn. From this technique, we can learn good English in a short period. 

There are many such videos on YouTube these days that learn English in a perfect way.  


8. Listen Properly:

If you want to become a good speaker then firstly you have to become a good listener. Because only a good listener can be a good speaker. You should make a habit of listening and understand what the other person is trying to say so that you can give the answer according to them. This rule is also applicable on learn English. In short, if you want to become a good English speaker then you have to become a good listener.  

9. Think in English:

We have another tip for learn English “Think in English”. If you think in English then you will be able to speak in English. So, always think in English and explore your thinking power and become a great English speaker.  

10. Tongue twisters: 

A tongue twister is a very nice tip to learn English. Tongue twister will improve your English knowledge and diction power. You have to practice with tricky sentences like “betty beat a bit of butter to make a better batter”.  


Some apps for English practice

In today’s digital world, we have many such apps where we can learn English easily or in a perfect way. So, we can use all these apps to learn and practice English and become good English speaker. 

-List of all the apps which we can use for learn and practice English-

1. Duolingo     2. Hallo     3. Hello       4. BBC Learning English

5. Enguru.        6. English conversation    7. Speaking Pal  


 1. Duolingo App 

Duolingo App download  

2. Hallo App 

Hallo App Download  

3. Hello App

Hello App Download  

 4. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning App Download  

5. Enguru App  

Enguru App Download  

6. English Conversation Practise  

English Converstion App Download 

7. SpeakingPal  

SpeakingPal App Download  

Best Books for English Speaking  

Book reading is the best option to learn and practice English. In the beginning, you have to read simple English language books. This method will be proven very helpful for you. So, you can read books also for English practice.  

 Here, we are provided to you some best books name: 

1. Rapidex English Speaking  

2. English from Zero to Hero 

3. 30 days to Better English  

4. The Quick and easy way to Effective English Speaking 



Tongue Twisters 

-Here, we are shown to you some Tongue Twisters- 

  1. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. 
  2. I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop. 
  3. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t Fuzzy, was he? 
  4. I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.
  5. She sells seashells by the seashore.
  6. If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?


Conclusion:  In conclusion, we can say that we don’t need any institute or coaching center to learn English rather we can learn good English by keeping some tips and tricks in the mind. As we told you above that you can also become a good English speaker by using apps and books.  

We hope that you have liked the information given by us and it proves to be useful and informative for you.  
























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